Hypnosis used pre-surgery can positively affect your feelings, experience, and outcome when going to the dentist, doctor, or hospital. Patients prepared with hypnosis maintain lower heart rate, have lower blood pressure, and need fewer anesthetics!

Pain can be lessened and eliminated (and the anxiety associated with it); and faster healing is promoted. Hospitals, insurance companies and doctor’s offices use the benefits of hypnosis as it creates relaxed patients; minimizes or eliminates drugs, speeds up healing in the body; which results in successful procedures, satisfied patients, and shorter hospital stays.

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental procedures
  • Medical procedures
  • Pre-and post surgery
  • White coat syndrome

Did You Know?

Studies have shown that nonpharmacologic analgesic in the form of self-hypnotic relaxation during invasive medical procedures significantly reduces patient’s pain, anxiety, drug use and number of complications.— National Institute of Health, Complementary & Alternative Medicine

  • “I was unusually calm when I went in for my surgery thanks to preparing with hypnosis. I’ve never liked medical procedures or hospitals, but I came through great and healed in record time!” — John

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