Event Planning

Stay calm, focused and positive while doing event planning! Hypnosis creates deep relaxation and the ability to visualize the best. This can help you to “stay present,” participate, and enjoy your event!

  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Batmitzvahs, barmitzvahs
  • Quinceañeras
  • Other events . . .
  • “My daughter’s wedding turned out great! Thanks so much! I was a wreck when I came in to see you. After calming down and seeing it all work out in my mind, I was able to focus on the positive and completely enjoy the day!” — Janet S

Give yourself support to be calm, focused, and enjoy your important event! Call (949) 515-4440 for a free hypnosis consultation or visit the Contact page. My office is located in Newport Beach, Orange County, and I proudly serve all Southern California communities.