Fears and Phobias

With just a few sessions, fears and phobias can be a thing of the past. Working with the subconscious, you can safely release the sensitizing events that created the fear, and create new coping skills that result in emotional and physical comfort!  Regain greater independence and the ability to enjoy life fully!

Give yourself the gift of ease and confidence. Call (949) 515-4440 for a free hypnosis consultation or visit the Contact page. My office is located in Newport Beach, Orange County, and I proudly serve all Southern California communities.

  • I am glad to offer a testimonial for the very positive outcome that my daughter received under your care. Thank you again for everything. You have a warm and caring nature about you that put my daughter at ease during her session to relieve her of her uncontrollable fear of the nighttime. I was so impressed when I picked her up after her session and she was beaming and eager to ‘try out’ her new coping skills for the coming night. The next morning, when I woke her up, she was smiling at me like a chesire cat – she had made it through the night with no fear and was so proud of her new friend…’night.' - Diana Lithgow, Ph.D., Family Nurse Practitioner
  • “Kathe, thank you so much for making it possible for me to drive without having an anxiety attack! I was at the brink of quitting my job because of the long commute and the anxiety I experienced while driving. There were times I had to pull off the freeway because I couldn’t breathe with the horrible and frightening feeling of anxiety and panic. Our sessions together and the personal CD you made for me helped me tremendously! Recently when I had a new job interview which was at least an hour from home; I was concerned, but I listened to my CD and was JUST fine, and I got the job! You worked wonders for me, and I am ever so grateful!” - Dawn