During hypnosis, you lower your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. Your body goes into a restful state of rejuvenation. You activate your autonomic nervous system, the central command post deep in the brain that regulates body functions. This powerful mind-body connection promotes healing and is a very effective adjunct to any medical treatment.

Hypnosis was recognized as a demonstrated healing modality in the 1950’s. Evidence confirmed its ability to relax, reduce/eliminate pain, enhance the immune system, and provide important emotional and physiological information to accelerate healing.

Did You Know?

“…hypnosis has been embraced by scientists. Those using hypnosis lost an average of nearly 15 pounds, those not using it, only 6.”— Oprah Magazine, Dec. 2006

  • “Thanks for your help. I have been lowering my blood pressure using the techniques you taught me. It has also helped me reduce pain I was experiencing. It feels good to know that I have more control over my health and my mind than I realized.” — Christine

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