Codependent Relationships

Being part of a codependent relationship can be exhausting and chaotic. It can create stress, fear and anger – and yet, you feel pulled back again and again. How can hypnosis and guided imagery help?

You can have an open, honest, yet non-judgmental discussion with your own subconscious. You can begin to understand behavior learned from the past and get clarity on how it affects you in the present. Begin to heal and move forward with better communication and healthy boundaries for yourself.

Some of the dynamics of codependent relationships are:

  • Consistently rescuing the other person, enabling them to stay active in unsatisfactory behavior.
  • You want to ‘save’ them; feel addicted to them
  • They are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, spending or sex
  • They have emotional, financial, mental, physical or other problems
  • They can be unavailable, controlling; yet needy
  • You fear abandonment by not appeasing them
  • You are hypervigilant; worrying: where they are; what they are doing; if they are engaging in addictive behavior; and how you can control the situation
  • You use drugs, alcohol, overeating or other means to avoid confronting the real issues
  • You sometimes want to, but are afraid to leave
  • Note: the ‘addict’ can also be engaging in codependency: considered a Codependent in the relationship
  • “Thank you so much for your love and insight through a very difficult time. At the end of my relationship, you gently guided me back to my own power. You have gifts and skills that are very specific to you. I am very grateful, and would recommend you to anyone!” — Meagan

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