Hypnosis and Guided Imagery Classes, Training, Certification

Become Certified in Hypnosis or Guided Imagery! Leave class inspired, excited and secure in your knowledge! I love teaching these subtle, yet powerful life-changing skills! I teach no more than 6 students at a time, so I can give you very personalized attention. I believe that people learn best in a safe, calm and fun environment, experiencing and practicing. The class is relaxed yet very organized, with the right amount of time for demonstration, exercises, practice, questions and discussion.  Workbook and a large binder of handouts are included in your investment. Be confident in USING hypnosis (and/or imagery) in the way You specifically want to use it, to assist others and yourself!   ~ Kathe Caldwell, CHt, Instructor See CLASS SCHEDULES and TESTIMONIALS Below

   Hypnosis & Guided Imagery Classes / Certification

ADD Hypnosis (and/or) Guided Imagery to your Present Practice 

LEARN  Time-Proven Techniques & Become CERTIFIED  

              SMALL CLASS SIZE   Focus on Your Special Interests & Strengths to Become the Best Hypnotherapist or Guided Imagery Practitioner You Can Be!


Supervised CEH’S

Course meets the qualifications for 26 hours of Continuing Education Credit for LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPCC’s and/or LEP’s as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. CEH hours for continued instructional time only.

   Hypnosis Solutions is a CAMFT-approved Continuing Education Provider, Provider # 119928, approved to sponsor continuing education for LMFT’s, LCSW’s, LPCC’s and/or LEP’s. Hypnosis Solutions maintains responsibility for these courses and their content. CEH’s available for all classes except H-4, Personalized Hypnosis.

Upcoming Classes & Certifications

Sat – Tue Apr. 26-29, 2024                                        H1 BASIC HYPNOSIS Hypnotist
Sat – Tue Jan. 27-30, 2024 G1 BASIC GUIDED IMAGERY N/A
Sat – Tue Mar. 9-12, 2024 G2 ADVANCED GUIDED IMAGERY Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner

Course Descriptions

H1 BASIC HYPNOSIS 26 FUNDAMENTALS OF HYPNOSIS Ethics, Scope of Practice, History, Pre-talk, Suggestibility, Guiding vs. Leading, Inductions, Hypnotic Language, Deepening, Post-hypnotic Suggestions, Abreaction Management, “Awakening,” Representational Systems. Goals, Confidence, Peak Performance. Previous Experience with Therapeutic Counseling / Psychology
H2 INTERMEDIATE HYPNOSIS 26 FINE TUNE INDUCTIONS AND TRANCE STATES Triggers and Anchoring, Ideomotor Response, Regression, Parts Therapy. Reframing & Reprogramming Techniques. Scope of Practice, Ethics. Basic Hypnosis
H3 ADVANCED HYPNOTHERAPY 26 IN-DEPTH VIEW: THE SPECTRUM of HYPNOSIS Deal with limiting beliefs & behavior. Smoking, Weight Release, Fears, and more. Anxiety, Pain Control, Ericksonian Techniques, Ethics. Intermediate Hypnosis
H4 PERSONALIZED, HYPNOSIS  12 IMPROVE SKILLS / HYPNOSIS IN YOUR BUSINESS Review and expand knowledge. Develop specific skills & strategies for your specific practice, Ethics. Advanced Hypnosis
G1 BASIC GUIDED IMAGERY 26 FUNDAMENTALS OF GUIDED IMAGERY  Ethics, Scope of Practice, History of Imagery. The many Types, Applications & Benefits. Guiding Language. Symbols as Metaphor. Imagery for connecting to spirituality/faith. Research on efficacy for mind-body healing. Previous Experience with Therapeutic Inner Work
G2 ADVANCED GUIDED IMAGERY 26 ADVANCED IMAGERY TECHNIQUES  Ethics, Imagery and NLP, Psychosynthesis, Subpersonalities, Symbolism, Dreams. Improving language and guiding skills. Research and Efficacy. Write your own Imagery. Basic Guided Imagery

Location, Hours and Cost

901 Dover Dr, #240
Newport   Bch, 92660
Each 26 hr. course:
Sat – Tue
10am  – 6pm        $895.                         

(949) 515-4440 for REGISTRATION and more information on class structure, curriculum, certification or any other questions you may have!

Hypnosis Solutions and its programs are conducted within an ADA compliant facility accessible to persons with disabilities. If you have a special need and plan to attend a training, please contact Kathe Caldwell at kcimagery@gmail.com. Please allow as much advance notice as possible to ensure we have ample opportunity to meet your needs.


  • “Taking Kathe’s hypnotherapy class was truly life changing and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  She is a master teacher and extraordinary woman of depth and compassion.  Her class is full of information and skill development as well as engaging and fun.  As we learn the philosophy and foundation of the art of hypnosis we then practice with one another which makes all the difference.  We’re not only learning from our heads but integrating into our hearts.  Experiencing hypnotherapy with Kathe has healed aspects of myself that other modalities were unable to reach.  She’s truly a gifted healer, a rare gem who I’m honored to work with as both a client and student.” – Cindy Travis 
  • “Kathe is the best teacher! Her class was hands-on and covered any and every question I had about hypnosis. I learned that it’s so much more than just hypnotizing a person. She fully covered the process of interviewing and pinpointing the client’s needs so that I felt well prepared for any situation. And Kathe makes learning Fun! She has a passion for teaching and interacting with students. I walked away with such a great feeling of accomplishment and a head full of knowledge. If you’re thinking of learning hypnosis, the time and money is well worth all the skills you receive!” – Teri Renaud, Equine Therapist
  • “Kathe provides the ideal setting for learning professional hypnotherapy. I was a little nervous about learning all the techniques, but the smaller class size gave us all the time we needed to actually practice using the various skills.  Kathe also provides just the right amount of constructive criticism to keep you motivated. I took all three of her courses and can now proudly add Certified Hypnotherapist to my list of credentials. I plan to enroll in her professional hypnosis marketing course next.”  Michael Hoffman, Dr.AD, M-RAS, CHt
  • “Kathe is a seasoned veteran; she is truly passionate about hypnotherapy. I benefitted greatly from taking her series of classes. It has expanded my work as a clinical psychologist, and I really enjoy it. Who would have thought learning hypnosis would be so fun? The hands-on approach really helped me learn because we got to practice, practice and practice some more! I really looked forward to class, and especially cherished the fact that she participated in this process. Throughout the course of my training, I must have been hypnotized more than a handful of times by the master herself! It was well worth the investment.”  — Ben Tilton, Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist
  • “Thank you! It was phenomenal! I appreciate your teaching style. Everything was clear, and if it wasn’t, you made sure we ‘got it.’ I am already practicing on friends and relatives, and it’s working.” — Anna
  • “An astounding class with a trainer who wants you to succeed, and who ensures that you know everything before you leave. Great Class! Thank you!” — L.C.M.
  • “Kathe offers nonjudgmental, unconditional love and support that empowers and brings forth student’s inner wisdom and highest potential. She provides research-based education and proven healing techniques. Kathe also shows gentle trust for each person’s growth process. I experienced not only my own personal transformation, but witnessed the same unfolding illumination from undermining thought patterns and limiting core beliefs with each of my classmates. She empowers her students to become the unique beings they’re meant to be. Kathe creates a learning environment with safety, encouragement and love that elicits hearts to open, confidence to emerge, and transformation to occur. The classroom is relaxed and comfortable, no one is ever made to feel wrong. There is no competition and no hierarchy. No questions are too silly, there is room to share personal experience in utmost confidentiality, and all learning styles are respected and honored. If you are considering taking a hypnosis or guided imagery class, I highly recommend Kathe Caldwell and Hypnosis Solutions!”  — Laurette DeJulian, O.M.C., CCH
  • “Kathe, I feel so fortunate that I found you! Your class was life-changing for me. I’m excited about everything I learned and I cherish the friendships I made. It has also been AMAZING for my work as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Thank you for a Wonderful experience!” — Dr. Vondie Lozano, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist