I am glad to offer a testimonial for the very positive outcome that my daughter received under your care. Thank you again for everything. You have a warm and caring nature about you that put my daughter at ease during her session to relieve her of her uncontrollable fear of the nighttime. I was so impressed when I picked her up after her session and she was beaming and eager to ‘try out’ her new coping skills for the coming night. The next morning, when I woke her up, she was smiling at me like a chesire cat – she had made it through the night with no fear and was so proud of her new friend…’night.’ – Diana Lithgow, Ph.D., Family Nurse Practitioner

“Kathe, thank you so much for making it possible for me to drive without having an anxiety attack! I was at the brink of quitting my job because of the long commute and the anxiety I experienced while driving. There were times I had to pull off the freeway because I couldn’t breathe with the horrible and frightening feeling of anxiety and panic. Our sessions together and the personal CD you made for me helped me tremendously! Recently when I had a new job interview which was at least an hour from home; I was concerned, but I listened to my CD and was JUST fine, and I got the job! You worked wonders for me, and I am ever so grateful!” – Dawn

“Kathe, I have let go of a great deal of childhood disappointment & anger through our sessions. As a result, my family and business relationships have significantly improved. I’m grateful I found you.” ~ Michael

“I have very much enjoyed asking Kathe for help with sleep on two different occasions in the last few years. She is always capable of taking me into a very relaxed state, which I can usually recreate at home. In the case that I cannot, she creates recordings of beautiful music and her spoken word that I can listen to. In the end however, it is Kathe’s combination of kindness and intelligence that draws me to work with her. I know I will return as I have in the past should any issues arise.” – Shayne

“I worked in the corporate world for many years and missed my creative side. I felt like a part of me had died. After two hypnosis sessions, I had the courage to go back to what I loved doing: art. I’m really loving it and feel like I’m living my purpose now!” — Deborah

“Kathe, you’re a delight to work with! You’re a great listener and zeroed right in on what I wanted to accomplish. With the help of the CD you made for me, I am maintaining my goals! Thanks so much!” – Barbara, Business Owner

I had smoked for 53 years and tried everything imaginable to quit. After 1 session with Kathe, it was done! My friends and I are still amazed! After 1 year, I still have no craving whatsoever. It’s just great. I tell everybody about hypnosis and Kathe!” ~ Ken Jordan

”I suffered from test anxiety and was about to take a very challenging class. The techniques Kathe taught me allowed me to relax, remember what I’d studied, and receive high test scores.” — Kathryn

“I was unusually calm when I went in for my surgery thanks to preparing with hypnosis. I’ve never liked medical procedures or hospitals, but I came through great and healed in record time!” — John

“Thank you so much for your love and insight through a very difficult time. At the end of my relationship, you gently guided me back to my own power. You have gifts and skills that are very specific to you. I am very grateful, and would recommend you to anyone!” — Meagan

“Thanks for your help. I have been lowering my blood pressure using the techniques you taught me. It has also helped me reduce pain I was experiencing. It feels good to know that I have more control over my health and my mind than I realized.” — Christine

“I am very relieved to now be free from a deep past hurt I once struggled to let go of. Kathe is a hypnotherapist with integrity of heart. I’m so glad I found her when I did.” — K.E.

“Kathe Caldwell is wonderful to work with! I have experienced tremendous growth and healing through my work with her. She is highly intuitive and in each session, finds the perfect focus to melt away, soothe, and bring awareness to. I have spent years doing personal growth work; the six months I have worked with Kathe have been exceptionally valuable: I have developed a new level of centeredness, joy and grace in living. Working with Kathe has been priceless. I tell everyone about her!” — Brenna K.

“My daughter’s wedding turned out great! Thanks so much! I was a wreck when I came in to see you. After calming down and seeing it all work out in my mind, I was able to focus on the positive and completely enjoy the day!” — Janet S

“Kathe has helped me feel so much better in a number of ways: As a result of our one-on-one sessions, I am less anxious, more confident, and have an improved overall outlook on just about everything. I am also very relieved to now be free from a deep past hurt I once struggled to let go of. Kathe is a therapist with integrity of heart. I’m so glad I found her when I did.” — K.E.

“I used to respond sharply in meetings when there was disagreement. After my hypnosis session, I found that I could slow down and calmly ask for follow-up questions. I was very pleased when an employee commented that she was surprised at the change in my behavior. It has allowed me to maintain important discussions by diffusing arguments.”  — Business Owner

“When I came in to your office I was in a real state of confusion. And honestly, I wasn’t sure if you could help. But after our session, I was relieved to have focus and direction again! I’m proud to tell you that I did what I needed to do. I’m a lot happier and at peace now.”  — Jordan

Thanks Kathe! I not only lost over 50 pounds, but I regained my excitement and enthusiasm for life! ~ Judy R

“Just wanted to send you a note to say that I have been listening to your CD; I love it, and I’m honestly 95% better! Maybe 99%, haha, no joke! Anxiety is at an all-time low, I’m outgoing, etc. etc. I have pretty much conquered everything I wanted to conquer.. It’s seriously amazing how much better I feel. Thank you SO MUCH for your help!” ~ Lisa

“Your professionalism and caring make me feel that I am in a very safe place where I can share my innermost fears and changes. You have helped me so much; far beyond my expectations. Thank you!” – KC

“Kathe is a hypnotherapist with integrity of heart. Our sessions have helped me become more confident, less anxious, and have an improved outlook in just about all aspects of my life.” ~ K.E.

“Fear of driving after a car accident was keeping me off the freeway. I’m in sales, so this wasn’t working for me! After two sessions, I’m free to drive wherever I want again with no fear. What a relief!” ~ Jenna

“I tried to quit smoking before and it was so difficult. I was using will-power, and it felt so pushed and forced. Doing hypnosis helped me reinforce that I Really wanted to quit, and made it easy to do that. It feels great being a non-smoker!” ~ Charlotte

“As a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, I value Kathe as a hypnotherapist and teacher, and have personally seen her for hypnosis. She individualizes treatment for each and every client, something lacking in cookie-cutter hypnosis. I highly recommend Kathe.” – Judy Westerfield,  LMFT, MA

“Thank you so much for helping me release my panic attacks and the worry I had each day that I’d have one! It’s a relief to feel like myself again! I can focus on work and school again, and actually have fun with my friends!” ~ Evan Oliver

“A dear friend of mine recommended Kathe when I was suffering anxiety about my upcoming nuptials. I met with Kathe one week prior to my wedding and she expeditiously recorded a CD, which my fiancé and I listened to every night before our wedding day. It brought such peace to us both, and reminded us of the reasons we were getting married in the first place. When I walked down the aisle, I can truly say I was ‘in the moment,’ very at ease and serene, and I have Kathe to thank for it!” — Jenny D

“I finally passed my driving test with flying colors! Thanks so much for your help!” — Robin